Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ice crystals ....

... the real beauty of winter is reflected in detail!
photo © by Nina Hüttmann - Hamburg 2009

Friday, January 23, 2009

Junge Fotografie at Facebook

I founded a group at Facebook.

The reason why I did it, is that over the time more and more of my photos (made by Junge Fotografie) are presented at photo albums of several members at this community. Some of these photos are even used as profile picture.

You can find this group at:
Junge Fotografie - Nina Huettmann - Hamburg

Everybody who is interested in my work is most welcome at this group and might also be able to talk to other members about experiences they made with me as a photographer.

Have fun... I hope you like to contribute!

PS: for informations about my meinVZ - group have a look at my German blog

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

One of my 2008 projects

model: Sofia
dress / style: 1960s

photos © by Nina Hüttmann - Hamburg 2008
- for more photo click here -

Who am I ...

... and why do I work as I do?

I am a photographer from Hamburg / Germany whose aim is to make pictures at places where people feel comfortable. For me one of the most important things in my portraits is to include a glimpse of the persons personality, that‘s why I work at locations that are chosen by my "models", instead of working in front of impersonal studio backgrounds. Whether at their home, a special favorite place, or an environment that currently represents an important part of their life.

It‘s the challenge that makes me love my profession and my way of working. Again and again, new people, new places and new situations, which is also the reason why all my photos have their very own individuality.

Especially the work under the open sky and the usage of natural light represents my photos and show the people how they really are....
that is to say, of their most beautiful side!


You can find a small selection of my work at!