Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Yellow - project 2009

Model: Lis
music © by Grace Valhalla / Song: Feeling scattered
photos © by Nina Hüttmann - Kiel 2009

Sunday, September 13, 2009

JPG - Magazine - Themes for Issue 23!

The themes for the next issue of JPG Magazine are open for voting.

These are my submissions

Theme: Transformations
If there's one rule of life, it's that everything changes.
Post your photo of something going through a change.

Theme: Nostalgia
Photos that remind you of days gone by!

Theme: Decay

Decay is the process of decline or destruction.
Submit a photograph that captures the decay in your field of view.

All members of the - photocommunity can vote! The winner - photos are going to be published in the next print - issue of the American photomagazine.

Check it out, each image has a link to the corresponding closeup, but also other of my on-topic photos can be found at my profil at jpgmag.

For all who are interested: HERE You can find some other links to my freelance work! Or simply have a look at my website: