Sunday, December 12, 2010

Studio Portraitshootings

It's Winter, cold outside and daylight rarely available, therefore Junge Fotografie is now also offering professional Studio - Portraitshootings.
Once again, the specialization of the German photographer Nina Hüttmann lies in the expressive black - white photography, but of course color photography is also possible.

1 / 2 hour photo shoots with preliminary talk to find out what you like and expect
, up to 10 professionally edited images as preview and three prints (10 x 15 cm) start from only 125, - €. (Also available as gift voucher.)

The 30 minutes refers to the actual shooting time, so changes in outfits are possible without breaking the relaxing shooting - atmosphere.

Interested? Ask
without obligation for more information. Click HERE for contact.

By appointment only

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The perfect Christmas gift!

You want to give your loved one something really special and still have no idea?
Give away a portrait-shoot - gift voucher of Junge Fotografie and show your partner how wonderful he/she is!

Easy to book, on request with personal text and individually adjustable to your wishes! A Shooting starts
on location from only 99,-€! (NEW: Info to professional studio - portrait shoots click HERE!)

Christmas - Gift Voucher of Junge Fotografie Hamburg

More information on request! Click HERE to get to contact form!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Photo - Project 2010

It's finally done, the new photo project of the German photographer Nina Hüttmann is online.

"DIVIDED" is the title, which refers to both the motives and their mood, as well as to the used style of postproduction, where was worked with selective coloring.

With best wishes and thanks to the young model Kamil-Kornel, the shooting was a lot of fun!

photo © 2010 by Nina Hüttmann
portrait - photography Hamburg

Interested? Just click HERE and check it out!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Couple - Photography

Do you know this? You look through the photos of your holiday and there are really only photos of one of you? Hardly a picture with both of you together, because one always has to take the picture?

Why don't you treat yourself to a professional photo shoot or give away a gift voucher to surprise your partner.

No exaggerated posing, no boring studio backgrounds, choose a location that has a special meaning to you or one that re-awakens the memories of your time together.

Junge Fotografie - Nina Hüttmann offers mobile portrait - photography that starts from only 99, - €. Whether directly booked or as gift voucher.

Or ask for an offer that is spezially tailored to your own needs.

Give it a try! I'm looking forward meeting you!

Click HERE for contact form!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Photo - publication & personal rights

The District Court of Hamburg adjudicated a couple € 2,500 per person on May, 28th 2010, because the photographer has used their wedding pictures without permission for advertising purposes. I take this occasion to spell out how I handle the publication of photos here in my blog, my portfolio and / or on my website.

Cause at Junge Fotografie - Nina Hüttmann nothing happens without the written consent of my customers!

The decision to book a professionell photographer always requires an appropriate amount of trust to the photographer, which in retrospect should not be violated in such a way. For this reason the protection of the personal rights of my customers has highest priority.

From time to time I ask my customers for permission to use their photos for my own representation. The intended use of the photos is clearly defined and may be limited as desired by the customer or rejected at all. The sale of photos to third parties is excluded in any case.

Nina Hüttmann
portrait - photography Hamburg

Article related to the named case: LG Hamburg: 2.500 EUR Schadensersatz für nicht genemigte Veröffentlichung von Hochzeitsfotos
Dr. Damm & Partner (lawyers)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

JPG - Magazine - Themes for Issue 26!

It's time again! has announced the topics for the next issue of the American Photo magazine. Each member of the online - photo community can vote and thus help determine which images are going to be published. But also every click counts... therefore, each image is linked with the real submitted photo.

These are my submissions.

Theme: Urban

Theme: Juxtaposition

Theme: Social Circles

Have fun!
All photos © by Nina Hüttmann - portrait-photography Hamburg

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Pregnancy Photography

For every woman the time of being pregnant is something special. Even though 9 months seems to be an incredibly long time at the beginning, the time often goes by faster than one thinks. Keep the memory of this wonderful time and your beautiful curves with customized photographs.

Junge Fotografie offers half-hour photo-shoots with 5 prints that starts from only 99 €. Of course you can also order a gift - purchase vouchers and give it as surprise to your beloved.

I set great value upon naturalness in my photographs, that‘s why I have specialized in outdoors - photography where I‘m able to include the wonderful play of natural light and shadow in my work.

For the same reason, YOU decide where you want to be photographed, YOU choose a place that is important to you in this very special time and where YOU feel comfortable. I come to you ... no access routes and no stress!

Do you have any questions, want an appointment or buy a gift - voucher?
Click HERE to get to my contact form! I‘m looking forward to hear from you!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

As part of the collaboration ...

and because I (Junge Fotografie - Nina Hüttmann) due to the way I work, unfortunately don't have the opportunity to offer internships, here's an entry written by and about You can fine comprehensive information on internships, job applications and careers at their website.

*Practice makes perfect. This old adage is true for engineers, business consultants and photographers alike, and demonstrates the high value of an internship. Such an insight into practice offers to the younger generation the opportunity to conduct networking and thus positively influence the future career and besides that young people get a glimpse behind the scenes of their possible dream jobs.

The career portal offers user all the information necessary to find an internship at home or abroad. In addition to a wide range of internships offered by well-known companies, the portal provides a guide to the perfect resume. A well-designed CV application requires a high-quality photo.

Therefore, users can find the contact details on to photographers from all over Germany.

Find your internship on

*Text © by (translated without warranty by Nina Hüttmann)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Photoshooting with Thorsten Dörp

A little while ago I had the pleasure to have the author Thorsten Dörp in front of the camera. A really great shoot, we had a lot of fun and even the weather was nice, even if it was still quite cold!

His first novel "Wegen Julia" has been published in March 2009 and now he finally presents it at the Thalia bookstore (Quarree Hamburg-Wandsbek) in the time from 11:00 h - 17: 00 h at the 3rd of July 2010.

For more information about Thorsten Dörp and for a taste of his novel have a look at his official website:

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Portraits for applications - Part 2

Due to the strong demand for example - pictures, I have obtained the permission of one of my many happy customers and can now present her pictures here in my blog. Thank you so much for that! :o)

Of course you can also bring you own examples, because due to the 15-minute shooting period and the quiet studio environment (without spectators), we can develop in a relaxing atmosphere the desired style.

HERE's the way (back) to blog entry - "Portraits for applications - part 1"! and HERE's the way (back) to the website:

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Sunspots and blaze of light

Finally ... the long cold winter is over. It is spring and the time for outdoor - shootings has now really started. The sun is shining and offers countless possibilities for beautiful portrait pictures in places that are important to you.

Precisely for this reason, Junge Fotografie offers mobile portrait photography, stress-free, without access routes and in familiar surroundings where you can present yourself the way you really are.

Just give it a try!

A half-hour on-location portrait-shoot with 5 prints (size: 10 x 15 cm) starts from only 99 €*.

For more information or an appointment simply click HERE to get to my contact form and I will get back to you as soon as possible!

* If driving routes are longer than 20 km each way, I am unfortunately forced for financial reasons to add a small travel fee.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Photoshooting with Sandra Wöhe

When Sandra Wöhe, an in Zurich (Switzerland) living authoress & publicist, came to Hamburg to present her bestseller “Giraffe im Nadelöhr” at the Gayvention in March 2010, we also found the time for a photoshooting in which I was lucky to get to know a wonderful woman with a stunning smile.

photo © 2010 by Nina Hüttmann

Thank you so much Sandra for the great time!

For all who wants to know more about her, you get the chance on Sunday 18/04/2010 between 7 & 9 pm at Or you have a look at her homepage:

Monday, March 22, 2010

Studio - portrait photography

As you might can imagine, I use my studio not only for application portraits, but also to try new things. These are two pictures from a regular portrait shooting, which, because of the long and really cold winter of this year, had to be moved inside.

photos © 2010 by Nina Hüttmann

But I remain faithful to my style of outdoor - portrait photography. The varied surroundings, the play with natural light and the use of real "shadow" is a fundamental part of my work which I simply don't want to miss.

Take a peek at my studio!

As most people know by now, Junge Fotografie started offering short
portrait - shootings for applicatons a couple of months ago.
Here you can finally take a little peek at my studio!

photo © by Nina Hüttmann

You want to know more about the way I work, my prices and services?
Here you will find all the information for viewing, as well as downloading.
Dates by appointment only!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

JPG - Magazine - Themes for Issue 25!

These are the themes for the 25th issue of the American Photo - Magazine JPG. Each member of the - community can vote and thus determine which pictures will be published. But each click counts, so please have a closer look! Each image is linked to the real submitted photo, there you will also find more information about the photos.

These are my submissions.

Theme: Heroes

Theme: Inspired by a Song

Theme: Traditions

Have fun!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

The download area of JF!

Some changes have been made at the website of Junge Fotografie - Nina Hüttmann.

At the category Info you are now able to download
the postcard of Junge Fotografie as well as the price list 2010 or you can simply view the documents via preview.

Have fun with it!

postcard © 2010 by Nina Hüttmann
Note: The data may be downloaded and used for free , but is not allowed to be changed!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Portrait of the Day 06.01.2010 - "These Eyes"

My children's portrait "These Eyes" was chosen as Portrait of the Day in the flickr group: Portrait Award (Invite only) and has thus gained an invitation to the Portrait Award Hall of Excellence.
At the end of the month all members can vote for the Portrait of the Month January 2010. Support is most welcome!

- These Eyes -
photo © 2009 by Nina Hüttmann

You can find more of my work at my flickr - Profile: "Junge Fotografie". Have fun!