Thursday, June 3, 2010

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and because I (Junge Fotografie - Nina Hüttmann) due to the way I work, unfortunately don't have the opportunity to offer internships, here's an entry written by and about You can fine comprehensive information on internships, job applications and careers at their website.

*Practice makes perfect. This old adage is true for engineers, business consultants and photographers alike, and demonstrates the high value of an internship. Such an insight into practice offers to the younger generation the opportunity to conduct networking and thus positively influence the future career and besides that young people get a glimpse behind the scenes of their possible dream jobs.

The career portal offers user all the information necessary to find an internship at home or abroad. In addition to a wide range of internships offered by well-known companies, the portal provides a guide to the perfect resume. A well-designed CV application requires a high-quality photo.

Therefore, users can find the contact details on to photographers from all over Germany.

Find your internship on

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