Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Invited as a jury member to Berlin!

As part of the "Gründerwoche Deutschland" conducted by the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology there was again a photo contest this year, that is part of the "Global Entrepreneurship Week" (a global week of action for the promotion of entrepreneurship and business start-up) which takes place from the 12th to the 18th of November 2012.

The German preliminary round, which winning entries automatically participate in the international competition (organized by the University of Wismar), was conducted by the RKW Kompetenz Zentrum.

official poster - source: www.gruenderwoche.de

Title of the photo contest 2012: The Power of Imagination

The goal was to show in the photos and a brief accompanying text , what challenges and opportunities are part of entrepreneurial ideas. Young people aged 14 to 30 years from all over the world were able to participate.

The jury - session to dfind the Germans winner-photos took place of the 18th of September 2012 at the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology in Berlin, to which I (Nina Hüttmann - Junge Fotografie) was officially invited as a jury-member.

the day of the jury meeting

An interesting task, since I also started as an entrepreneurs, almost 8 years ago now, driven by the love for photography and full of anticipation to bring "Junge Fotografie" into life. So I know from personal experience what the path to professional independence means and what is all connected to it, as well as that it's not always easy. Many planning tasks have to be done, risks and costs have to be estimated and especially sometimes patience has to be practiced. But at the end there is the dream of owning your own business or work as a freelancer for which it is worth fighting for, minor setbacks are of course included. ;o)

The winners will be announced at the "Global Entrepreneurship Week", and receive their prizes, which are gift vouchers (1000, - € 500, - and € 250, - € in the German national final)  and cameras (of different price categories in the international competition).

I wish all participants the best of luck and sincerely congratulate the winners! --> More about the awards show HERE!

Nina Hüttmann - Junge Fotografie

(Member of the German jury of the photo contest "The Power of Imagination")

Friday, October 26, 2012

Photo project ...

... or a little gimmick in between! Enjoy... ;o)

then (1993/1994) - now (2012)
photo © by Nina Hüttmann
Many thanks to Sonja & Varvara for the great photo - template and the really funny photo shoot to reconstruct or better recreate the image.

It was a lot of fun & I hope you like it! 

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Xmas Offer 2012

It's almost time again, the autumn is already in all its glory and even if some may think it still a long time to go, it is again time to start thinking about the "perfect" Christmas present!

How about a shooting - voucher* to show your loved ones how wonderful he/she is for you?

Or ever thought about giving professional photos of yourself to your family, your friends or partners as a very personal gift?

With Junge Fotografie both is possible and currently as a special offer!

Too small? Click on the image!

Since all of my work always include a professional postproduction I can make appointments with  guaranteed delivery for Christmas expected only till 12.12.2012.

So do not wait too long, available dates are limited! 

For more information**, appointments and/or gift-voucher click HERE! I look forward to seeing you!

* My gift - vouchers are customizable, come with a matching envelope and can be complemented with a unique, and personal text.
** Other photo formats, photos on canvas, wood or alu-dibond, and photos which are behind acrylic glass are also available and separately bookable!

*** Xmas Offer: Only for a short time available!

Friday, September 28, 2012

Photoshooting with Anja Frost

Anja Frost, who works nationwide among others in the field of stress management as a freelance trainer and coach since 2009, has booked me for portraits photos as visual support for her new website "Sexological Bodywork & the Art of flowing Pleasure", a few weeks ago. Since I already knew her from a "private" photo shoot a few years ago, where we understood very well right away, I was really looking forward to meet her again. 

The weather was great, the Elbstrand (Hamburg/Germany) was selected as photo-location and with her relaxed and openminded personality the shoot again became a very fun event, which is also reflected in the photos.

Anja Frost - photo © by Nina Hüttmann

The term "Sexological Bodywork" for me was something completely new and initially a little irritating, but it's an in the state of California (USA) already officially recognized profession that deals with body awareness, love of life and sexuality and includes the unusual combination of individually aligned bodywork & coaching, by which people can develop a more intense body-sensation and as a result find a more open way to themselves, their bodies and their sexuality.

Those who want more information on this topic can do this via the following link: www.flowingpleasure.com

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Web-Launch: JF-Hochzeitsfotos

Due to the great number of jobs and inquiries as a wedding photographer, as well as the wonderful feedback from my customers, I've decided publish an independent website only for wedding photography.

And now it's done - www.jf-hochzeitsfotos.de - is online!


I would also like to thank all my clients who have given me the opportunity to use their photos, whether online on my website or as print for my portfolio. THANK YOU!

And of course a big "thank you" to the guys of freshlabs (Agentur für Neue Medien, Hamburg) who always support me in all my projects and plans with great help and advice.

Because I only have a certain number of internet-capable devices for testing available, feedback is very welcome to be able to fix yet undetected bugs and errors.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

The perfect Application-Portrait

You are a young professional, want to get hold of your dream job or risk a career change?

To make this possible and to prevent your application get lost in the shuffle of your competitors, not only your resume and your references should have been carefully compiled, but also your portrait should leave a lasting impression. Sympathy and openness are the key words here, because it is intended to emphasize in your application, that YOU are the perfect candidate for the job.

photos © by Nina Hüttmann

The portrait therefore is your second card, which on one hand says something about you as a person and is on the other hand, to convince the viewer that you have all the attributes in order to perfectly fullfill the job and that you are able to self-conscious represent the company to the outside.

To make this possible I do not work in the way of a typical "passport photo - pattern" (sit down, smile and done), but I'm taking time. The perfect smile isn't always easy to show right away when trying to pose in an unfamiliar studio atmosphere.

photos © by Nina Hüttmann

Precisely for this reason I work by appointment only, so that we can work together without time pressure and in a relaxed atmosphere (without bystanders) to achieve the desired style.
And to give your photos the perfect finish, professional photo retouching is always included in my work.

My motto: "Quality, not Quantity"* and at surprisingly low prices! See for yourself!

For more information please click HERE (see price list) or contact me directly through my contact form. I look forward to meeting you!

* No last - minute - portraits and/or immediate prints
| studio – location next to underground–station Mundsburg

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Model for a Day!

You always had a very special idea of how you would like to be photographed or you have a special outfit that you love, but for which you have (almost) never the occasion to wear it?

Junge Fotografie now offers
professional Concept - Photoshoots for everyone*.

To develop your own personal photo-concept, we'll have a comprehensive preliminary talk before the shooting itself, to which you simply bring your outfit and your styling - ideas, so we can plan your pictures together, as well as looking for an appropriate location.

At the actual day of the photoshoot we will meet (already styled) at the agreed location and start to implement your ideas into professional photos. Of course, I will give tips and guide you through the whole shooting, so that we can achieve, without the need that you already have experiences in front of the camera, the best possible images.

At the end you'll get a basic selection of all images from which you can choose 5 photos, which then undergo a professional post-production (photo-retouche) to give them the perfect "finish".

Example: Implementation of a customer - concept (80s outfit)

concept - work © by Nina Hüttmann
for more, click HERE

Concept - Photoshoot Package*:
- preliminary talk (approx. 1 hour)
- elaboration of the concept
- prof. photoshoot (outdoor, on location, available-light photography, duration:
about 1 - 1 1/2 hours)
- 5 photos including prof. posproduction at a labeled photo - CD (data in optimal print quality)
- 1 print (size: 20 x 30 cm)
- travel expenses (up to 20 km each way)

Special Offer**: only 199, -

* Not valid for the following areas: nude, half-nude and erotic photography
** Valid only for a short time

You are interested and want more information?
Click HERE, this offer is also available as gift voucher!