Thursday, March 29, 2012

The perfect Application-Portrait

You are a young professional, want to get hold of your dream job or risk a career change?

To make this possible and to prevent your application get lost in the shuffle of your competitors, not only your resume and your references should have been carefully compiled, but also your portrait should leave a lasting impression. Sympathy and openness are the key words here, because it is intended to emphasize in your application, that YOU are the perfect candidate for the job.

photos © by Nina Hüttmann

The portrait therefore is your second card, which on one hand says something about you as a person and is on the other hand, to convince the viewer that you have all the attributes in order to perfectly fullfill the job and that you are able to self-conscious represent the company to the outside.

To make this possible I do not work in the way of a typical "passport photo - pattern" (sit down, smile and done), but I'm taking time. The perfect smile isn't always easy to show right away when trying to pose in an unfamiliar studio atmosphere.

photos © by Nina Hüttmann

Precisely for this reason I work by appointment only, so that we can work together without time pressure and in a relaxed atmosphere (without bystanders) to achieve the desired style.
And to give your photos the perfect finish, professional photo retouching is always included in my work.

My motto: "Quality, not Quantity"* and at surprisingly low prices! See for yourself!

For more information please click HERE (see price list) or contact me directly through my contact form. I look forward to meeting you!

* No last - minute - portraits and/or immediate prints
| studio – location next to underground–station Mundsburg