Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The most popular wedding dates 2011

Without any doubt, 2011 loving couples will again select a very special date for the start into their new live together.

Photo © 2010 by Nina Hüttmann
The choice of date has not always something to do with the date of their first kiss, or the day they got to know each other, but there are often chosen data that are easy to remember, such as dates with identical numbers or dates with combinations of numbers that are acting symmetrically.

Many wedding dates are set under theses "conditions", but the months May, June and September still are the most popular months for weddings.

The top 10 wedding dates for 2011:
01. 11.11.11 (a Friday - Martinstag, Veterans Day / USA)
02. 20.11.2011 (a Sunday - Totensonntag)

03. 1.11.11 (a Tuesday - Allerheiligen)

04. 11.1.11 (a Tuesday)
05. 20.1.2011 (a Thursday)

06. 20.10.2011 (a Thursday)
07. 11.02.2011 (a Friday)
08. 30.04.2011 (a Saturday - Tanz in den Mai)
09. 27. - 28.05.2011 (last May weekend)

10. 09.10.11 (a Sunday)

So if you want to get one of the top - wedding - dates of 2011 you are well advised to set up an early appointment at the registry office.

Although there is no longer something like „banns“ and therfore no more registration deadlines, but still the procurement to get together all necessary documents and the examination of the requirements for getting married by the registery office takes time, which should be taken into account, cause only after all is checked you are able to set up the date for the wedding.

Couples who want to get married in church as well, should also take note that this is only possible after the civil ceremony.

And photographers, of course, only have a limited number of appointments that they can handle!

You already have a date and stuck in the planning stages, then please request a quote for the happiest day in your life!