Tuesday, June 15, 2010

JPG - Magazine - Themes for Issue 26!

It's time again! JPGmag.com has announced the topics for the next issue of the American Photo magazine. Each member of the online - photo community can vote and thus help determine which images are going to be published. But also every click counts... therefore, each image is linked with the real submitted photo.

These are my submissions.

Theme: Urban

Theme: Juxtaposition

Theme: Social Circles

Have fun!
All photos © by Nina Hüttmann - portrait-photography Hamburg

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Pregnancy Photography

For every woman the time of being pregnant is something special. Even though 9 months seems to be an incredibly long time at the beginning, the time often goes by faster than one thinks. Keep the memory of this wonderful time and your beautiful curves with customized photographs.

Junge Fotografie offers half-hour photo-shoots with 5 prints that starts from only 99 €. Of course you can also order a gift - purchase vouchers and give it as surprise to your beloved.

I set great value upon naturalness in my photographs, that‘s why I have specialized in outdoors - photography where I‘m able to include the wonderful play of natural light and shadow in my work.

For the same reason, YOU decide where you want to be photographed, YOU choose a place that is important to you in this very special time and where YOU feel comfortable. I come to you ... no access routes and no stress!

Do you have any questions, want an appointment or buy a gift - voucher?
Click HERE to get to my contact form! I‘m looking forward to hear from you!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

As part of the collaboration ...

and because I (Junge Fotografie - Nina Hüttmann) due to the way I work, unfortunately don't have the opportunity to offer internships, here's an entry written by and about praktikumsanzeigen.info. You can fine comprehensive information on internships, job applications and careers at their website.

*Practice makes perfect. This old adage is true for engineers, business consultants and photographers alike, and demonstrates the high value of an internship. Such an insight into practice offers to the younger generation the opportunity to conduct networking and thus positively influence the future career and besides that young people get a glimpse behind the scenes of their possible dream jobs.

The career portal www.praktikumsanzeigen.info offers user all the information necessary to find an internship at home or abroad. In addition to a wide range of internships offered by well-known companies, the portal provides a guide to the perfect resume. A well-designed CV application requires a high-quality photo.

Therefore, users can find the contact details on praktikumsanzeigen.info to photographers from all over Germany.

Find your internship on praktikumsanzeigen.info.

*Text © by Praktikumsanzeigen.info (translated without warranty by Nina Hüttmann)