Friday, September 28, 2012

Photoshooting with Anja Frost

Anja Frost, who works nationwide among others in the field of stress management as a freelance trainer and coach since 2009, has booked me for portraits photos as visual support for her new website "Sexological Bodywork & the Art of flowing Pleasure", a few weeks ago. Since I already knew her from a "private" photo shoot a few years ago, where we understood very well right away, I was really looking forward to meet her again. 

The weather was great, the Elbstrand (Hamburg/Germany) was selected as photo-location and with her relaxed and openminded personality the shoot again became a very fun event, which is also reflected in the photos.

Anja Frost - photo © by Nina Hüttmann

The term "Sexological Bodywork" for me was something completely new and initially a little irritating, but it's an in the state of California (USA) already officially recognized profession that deals with body awareness, love of life and sexuality and includes the unusual combination of individually aligned bodywork & coaching, by which people can develop a more intense body-sensation and as a result find a more open way to themselves, their bodies and their sexuality.

Those who want more information on this topic can do this via the following link: