Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Don't forget Aids!

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On the occasion of the current German campaign

"Ich habe Aids nicht vergessen... und Du?"
(I haven't forgotten Aids... what about you?)

I decided to write an entry in my blog.

Cause every little note about this topic, might bring AIDS back into the people minds. Even if the disease is now treatable and apparently has lost its terror, it is still NOT curable!!! And the number of people infected rising every day!

Especially young people think more about "prevention of pregnancy" than about "protection against diseases", which in my mind is an alarming development.

While six German citizens died of the consequences of terror in 2008, which is an everyday issue in media, there were 650 people who have died of AIDS!
Think about it and get informed!

German links: (Campaign against Aids) (Regenbogen e.V.)

International links: (Staying Alive Campaign)