Sunday, October 18, 2009

Give away ART for Christmas!

At the online Whitewall-gallery you can buy artistic works of the German photographer Nina Hüttmann.

You can order these works purely as a print, already framed, as well as with or without passepartout. Everything from one hand and according to your own wishes.

Waterdrops (Limited Edition)

Waterdrops (part 1) & Waterdrops (part 2)
photos © by Nina Hüttmann
Please also have a look at my 25th of June 2009 blogentry.

And NEW: Orange (Limited Edition)


Aluminium ArtBox
The subject as a real photo print hangs in the Aluminum ArtBox. The framework creates an entirely new appearance - in the front and it is almost borderless, and his great depth, it looks like an object.

Motive-Format: 90 x 60 cm