Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Smartphone optimisation of my websites

The mobile Internet has become indispensable for many people, but so far there are still many websites where it is very tedious to get the information you are looking for. The display is simply too small, a constant zooming is necessary to be able to navigate through all pages and read the information.

For this reason, I have modified my websites to provide easy navigation and the retrieval of all the information you need, even with small displays.

To make this for my customers possible, I integrated a configured theme for smartphones (+ iPhones) which is automatically displayed whenever the user retrieves my websites via handheld devices.

Presentation of my portrait photography - website:

Presentation of my wedding photography - website: (German only)

Please check it out and test it with your smart- or iPhones! If you recognise any problems, please give me some feedback, so I can fix these errors and make my "mobile" - websites possible for you to use correctly. Thanks a lot!


PS: Big "thank you" to freshlabs (digital agency from Hamburg / Germany), who always helps me with great advice and practical support to make my ideas come true.