Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Find the way to the job of your dreams...

... with application-portraits made by Junge Fotografie - Nina Hüttmann.

Under the title "
Chancen geben und selbst dabei profitieren" (Provide opportunities and benefit from it") the Jobcenter Stormarn has placed an ad campaign at the Hamburger Abendblatt (17.01.2015) that presents both, 10 qualified applicants with their professional profiles, as well as showing how the Jobcenter can support businesses finding the right candidate.

photo: ad campaign Hamburger Abendblatt

translated ad-quote: Doris Ziethen-Rennholz (Managing director of the Job Center Stormarn)
"Companies that need staff, I would like to say: We support you in your human resources planning. So have a look at the small selection of our candidates, who are listed on this ad campain. They are so brave and give the job search 2015 a face. This should be reason enough to give them a chance to get them back in work!"

Even Junge Fotografie has played its part and photographed the portraits of the 10 candidates of this ad, as well as for their application papers.

Are you also looking for a (new) job and still need the appropriate application-portrait? Junge Fotografie helps you to present yourself optimally!

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In addition, please follow this link: "The perfect Application-portrait" for more information about the way I work, which is probably one of the reasons why my portraits are appreciated by both, companies, as well as headhunters.