Monday, June 30, 2014


"Wer die Zeit nicht erlebt, hat sie eh verschenkt" (quotation): STIEFTOCHTER invents German Urban Pop
photo 2013 by Nina Hüttmann

Stieftochter (stepdaughter) comes from near Hamburg, wrote her first lyrics with 11 and established a whole new style in her early 20's : Sprechgesang, which is not a rap, hard electro beats that are still pop, lyrics that are sexy and provocative without being suggestively and stupid. Her Urban Pop exudes an optimism that is too wise to tilt in inconsequential feel-good music. Together with her producer Sven Waje (Fettes Brot, Dendemann, Nneka) she has created songs that she uses to describe the world from the perspective of a young woman. 
text source: STIEFTOCHTER 

And now for all curious music lovers:
01.07.2014 | 20:00 | Uebel & Gefährlich, Feldstraße 66, Hamburg
Tickets online @ or at the door
photo 2014 by Nina Hüttmann

More information about STIEFTOCHTER:

Friday, November 8, 2013

Christmas Offer 2013

Due to the high demand Junge Fotografie - Nina Hüttmann once again has a Christmas-Special on offer this year.
Have you never thought about having portrait photos professionally done? But at the thought of all the many shopping center - photo studios where to sit on display you never felt comfortable with? Precisely for this reason I work exclusively by appointment and without spectators. Take advantage of the opportunity to show you at your best and give a lasting memory and above all a very personal gift to Christmas this year.

Christmas-Offer 2013*
- 15 min. photo shoot in the studio (appointment up to 30 minutes)
- 3 images including prof. image-processing (black and white | own choice)
- 3 high-quality photo prints (non-glossy | 1x 13x19cm | 2x 10x15cm)

Price:  only 55, -

You are interested, want to make an appointment or have other questions?
* Notes:
Studio - location close to underground station Mundsburg, appointments with guaranteed delivery by Christmas only on weekdays and until 15.12.2013, no immediate photos possible, Photo - CD with high-resolution printing data from all three images is bookable on request (+15 €
), Christmas Special 2013: limited and available only for a short time!

Monday, September 30, 2013

Les Labiles - Live at Lál Pera

The Art Café Lál Pera (Hamburg, Germany) expanded its range of events and now presents since September 2013 every 1st Thursday of the month* new, young bands of different genres.

The start of this series was on 12.09.2013 with Les Labiles.

One in March 2011 by Juliane Kmieciak (guitar), Susan Falke (keys) and Sven Waje (guitar, producer)
founded Hamburger Sophistipop band. The band has been complemented with Till Raether (bass) and Kilian Soldier (drums) in 2012 and this year finally completed by Carsten Ebert (guitar).

The interior of the Lál Pera was quickly filled with curious guests and Les Labiles who exclusively presented own songs immediately cast a spell over the audiance with their pop, albeit melancholic sounding, melodies. The atmosphere got even better from song to song and the calls for encores, the band gladly fullfilled their shackled and cheerful audience. An all around great concert event.  
Thank you ....

Les Labiles - Live at Làl Pera - 12.09.2013 HH - photos 2013 by Nina Hüttmann

The series is going to be continued on 07.11.2013 with Stieftochter ... be curious!
A foretaste of this artist (urban-pop) you can already get on Sunday, 13.10.2013 from 7 - 9 pm at Karostar (Hamburg) presented by Radio Energy - Hamburgs Hammer Bandnewcomer. Have fun, it's worth it .......
* Calendar week of these Thursday's event may possibly still differ / be changed.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Portrait Photography - Offer Spring 2013

Finally it is getting warmer and the time for wonderful outdoor - shootings has come!

No boring impersonal studio atmosphere, but an environment that means something to you and in which you feel comfortable ...

to welcome the first warm sun rays Junge Fotografie currently offers a special outdoor - shooting. Directly available by appointment or as a voucher, but only for a short time!

photos © by Nina Hüttmann

1 Person Portrait - spring offer 2013*:
- 1/2 hour photo shoot (on location, outdoor)
- 6 pictures including professional postproduction (own choice)
- 3 high-quality photo prints from the professional lab (10 x 15 cm)

current for only 79, -

Family / Couple Portrait - spring
offer 2013*:
- 1/2 hour photo shoot (on location, outdoor)
- 6 pictures including professional
postproduction (own choice)
- 3 high-quality photo prints from the professional lab (10 x 15 cm)

for only 99, -

You are interested, want to make an appointment or have other questions?

* Depending on the distance to the photo - location driving costs may be added, usually free
within Hamburg.
** Photo-CD with high-resolution printing data of all pictures is bookable on request 
*** Spring Offer 2013: limited and only available for a short time. 

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Junge Fotografie at Google+

Junge Fotografie is now represented at Google+ and informs there regularly about special offers, new projects, and other photographic subjects as well as offering 2 platforms (Google Local) where customers can share their experiences with me and my work or read the experience reports of others to get more information.

On my websites I also included at Projects and References and at Über mich the opportunity to share your recommendations with only one click at the +1 - button with your friends and therefore make my work known to a wider circle of people.

So if you want to stay informed about Junge Fotografie add me at the following link - Nina Hüttmann @ Google+ to your circle and get every post automatically in your feed.

To read some experience reports about Junge Fotografie or to post your own you now have the following options:

1. Junge Fotografie - Nina Hüttmann (Portrait- & Peoplephotography)

and of course

2. Junge Fotografie - Hochzeitsfotos (Weddingphotography) 

I look forward to your feedback and the hopefully soon coming spring with the first warm rays of sunshine!


Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Smartphone optimisation of my websites

The mobile Internet has become indispensable for many people, but so far there are still many websites where it is very tedious to get the information you are looking for. The display is simply too small, a constant zooming is necessary to be able to navigate through all pages and read the information.

For this reason, I have modified my websites to provide easy navigation and the retrieval of all the information you need, even with small displays.

To make this for my customers possible, I integrated a configured theme for smartphones (+ iPhones) which is automatically displayed whenever the user retrieves my websites via handheld devices.

Presentation of my portrait photography - website:

Presentation of my wedding photography - website: (German only)

Please check it out and test it with your smart- or iPhones! If you recognise any problems, please give me some feedback, so I can fix these errors and make my "mobile" - websites possible for you to use correctly. Thanks a lot!


PS: Big "thank you" to freshlabs (digital agency from Hamburg / Germany), who always helps me with great advice and practical support to make my ideas come true.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Invited as a jury member to Berlin!

As part of the "Gründerwoche Deutschland" conducted by the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology there was again a photo contest this year, that is part of the "Global Entrepreneurship Week" (a global week of action for the promotion of entrepreneurship and business start-up) which takes place from the 12th to the 18th of November 2012.

The German preliminary round, which winning entries automatically participate in the international competition (organized by the University of Wismar), was conducted by the RKW Kompetenz Zentrum.

official poster - source:

Title of the photo contest 2012: The Power of Imagination

The goal was to show in the photos and a brief accompanying text , what challenges and opportunities are part of entrepreneurial ideas. Young people aged 14 to 30 years from all over the world were able to participate.

The jury - session to dfind the Germans winner-photos took place of the 18th of September 2012 at the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology in Berlin, to which I (Nina Hüttmann - Junge Fotografie) was officially invited as a jury-member.

the day of the jury meeting

An interesting task, since I also started as an entrepreneurs, almost 8 years ago now, driven by the love for photography and full of anticipation to bring "Junge Fotografie" into life. So I know from personal experience what the path to professional independence means and what is all connected to it, as well as that it's not always easy. Many planning tasks have to be done, risks and costs have to be estimated and especially sometimes patience has to be practiced. But at the end there is the dream of owning your own business or work as a freelancer for which it is worth fighting for, minor setbacks are of course included. ;o)

The winners will be announced at the "Global Entrepreneurship Week", and receive their prizes, which are gift vouchers (1000, - € 500, - and € 250, - € in the German national final)  and cameras (of different price categories in the international competition).

I wish all participants the best of luck and sincerely congratulate the winners! --> More about the awards show HERE!

Nina Hüttmann - Junge Fotografie

(Member of the German jury of the photo contest "The Power of Imagination")