Thursday, August 6, 2009

Nina Hüttmann at

The - art - community supported by Spiegel Online is certainly one of the more exclusive communities on the market. Unlike many other photo communities, where you can upload all photos you want, the photos here have to be accepted and released by the editors before they appear on your profil.

I published at some photos of my fashion- projects. Once again I worked with minimal equipment only and remained faithful to the style of "natural - light - photography".

Since a couple of days, one of the first photos of my current project, "Yellow" is now to be seen on my profil at, more will follow!

So regular visiting is worthwhile! ;o)

I would also like to thank the girls (no models, but friends) who‘ve done a great job, especially because they felt so uneasy in the beginning of being in public with their styling... but I think the result speaks for itself!