Sunday, August 9, 2009

Wedding photography

The probably most important day of your life wants to be captured, if only in bridal couple portraits (with and without parents and / or witnesses) after the wedding (next to the church, the registry office or at another location) or as a photo - documentation that reflects the day, or just the ceremony.

bridal couple portrait © 2009 by Nina Hüttmann

Please note, if you like to have the ceremony captured at church or at the registry office, to clarify the following things in advance:
1. Ask the the pastor or the registrar if
flash – photography is permitted during the ceremony.
- Based on my experience, working without flash in dark spaces (e.g. at church) is very difficult and often leads to the fact that a good quality of the images can not be guaranteed
- Unfortunately, the same applies even with flash for very dark churches and premises, because even the best photo equipment has its limits in low light conditions.

2. An other advantage is, if I'm allowed to move freely within the premises during the ceremony, because that's the only way to shoot different motifs / scenes.
- The bride and groom are usually bound to a single position during the ceremony, and without me moving around it is hardly possible to photograph various subjects

Further information:
A wedding is not a press conference, thus, it is rather disturbing, though countless other people take pictures during the ceremony (especially in church), this should be coordinated with the guests by the bride and groom in advance

I rather work with reserve for not producing the above-mentioned impression or to disturbe the ceremony, but still capturing all important moments, so that a temporal sequence in the photos can be seen, but I try as far as possible to stay in the background.

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PS: Junge Fotografie Hamburg do not offer universally valid wedding-packages, each offer is individually compiled for your needs, so you only pay for the things you really want.