Thursday, June 16, 2011

Concept Photography - Project: DEITY

A free photo project for 2011 was ready to be designed. There were a lot of ideas and a basic concept was quickly developed.

But everything else was still open ..... A plan was needed, a location must to be found, colours chosen and an individual look developed. Oh and a model of course had to be found.

results of preparation:

Since the Hamburg weather is anything but stable, one must be flexible about the date for such an outdoor shoot. And although the make-up artist unfortunately was no longer available for the day, a solution was easily found. Internet! The make-up instructions are better than expected! : o)

Time and venue were set, breakfast bought, coffee made and the shooting day was ready to start! And we were facing a long and quite exhausing day - especially my model!

Because I generally choose people, that have no shooting experiences, for my free work, there is always the question of whether the person is able to get involved with me and the concept or not. A question of experience and chemistry!

It always makes me happy to guide the people in front of my camera in a very personal and relaxed way, to convey the model the feeling that‘s behind the concept, so that it will be expressed in the later pictures. This is how my most expressive photos arise...

the finished work:

Photo © 2011 by Nina Hüttmann

Thanks a lot to you Binta, the shooting was a lot of fun and you have made a fantastic job! Thank you for your efforts!

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